Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Blessings and Thank You's!

Well, I know that all of you who haven't heard what's been going on in my life are wondering where I've been. Here's the skinny: I have an advanced herniated disk and my girly doc thought I might have a tumor on one of my ovaries... Fun stuff, huh? Not so much. I was floor-ridden (I couldn't even sleep in my own bed!) for over two weeks, I couldn't lift my kids, I couldn't drive, and I had a horrendously sharp pain going from my lower back, down my leg, to my foot. After an ultrasound trying to determine what was going on with my back, I found out that I might have a tumor on my left ovary. Really, God?? Well, yes, really. So, what have I done about it all? Asked my prayer warriors to be on their knees before the throne of God for my family, asked every friend that I can to help with my kiddos and to take me to appointments, and got to know my dad and grandparents even better because of all their help taking care of my kiddos during the days. What are the results? I've had two MRI's in the last two weeks, had blood drawn by an overworked nurse, and had an IV put in which STILL hurts! To top it all off... I had an epidural last Friday and it took the tech 6 tries to get my BP because I was so scared of the needle!! Suffice it to say, the epidural is working great (so far!) and I have more movement than I've had in the last two weeks. I went to my girly doc yesterday and... there's nothing! Whatever showed up on the ultrasound was decreased in size by the time I had my MRI. The doc said I have nothing to worry about and life is good for me! So, here's to the blessings of Almighty God and the blessings of friendship and family. And a big, huge THANK YOU to all of you for your prayers and support during this fabulously enlightening time in my life. Enlightening, you say? Yes, enlightening. When you are unable to do anything but lay on the ground and watch the world around you keep going while you are stuck stationary, you tend to think on the important things in life. My marriage, my kids, my faith, and my family are all things God had me take a look at. I love my husband more than I ever thought possible, my kids are FANTABULOUS, my faith is sucure and firmly established on the ONE who holds my life in HIS hands, and my family is amazing. So again, THANK YOU! Thanks for the love and true demonstrations of what being a Christian are all about.

P.S. I will hopefully be blogging more often... it's just that sitting and a herniated disk to work well together. But... I will be trying, don't worry!


Anonymous said...

I write this with love and praise for you and more importantly our Lord and Savior. It is so awesome to hear the GREAT news. It continues to strengthen all around you when you share how God has been working out all of the details of your life...big and small. Now that the health things seem to be going in the right direction you can focus on what God has planned for you. Looking forward to your future postings. May God continue to pour out His blessings and healing on your life and your families life. Give the girls a hug and kiss for me and tell Yeadon that he is and will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers while attending the academy.


Nikki Schreiner said...

Yay! Glad to have you back in blogland and I was relieved to hear the good news from Casey the other day. I'll give you a call when my windows are in and my eardrums go back to normal :)