Friday, July 11, 2008

So there are these funny stories...

Yep... that's Kayden wearing daddy's socks! Her shoe fascination has now spread to Daddy's nasty socks... Oh well, she had a blast wearing them and my floor got clean!

Uh, huh. That's right. Toilet paper. All over the bedroom. She had fun playing with it... I didn't have so much fun picking it up! Oh, well. Such is life, right?

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Anonymous said...

Love Love Love seeing the pictures of the girls. It is amazing to me to see how big they are getting. The socks really make quite the fashion statement don't they. Kaelin looks like she was really enjoying making art on the floor. At least it wasn't something wet or sticky. Have a blessed day and thanks again for sharing. Hope that you are growing stronger and healthier each and every day.
Love & Blessings,