Monday, July 7, 2008

Here's to the 4th...

Yeadon had the day off so we spent the 4th of July together, as a family, just the four of us. It was great!! After being on my back for weeks, it was nice to just be a family with no worries of appointments or anything being broken. My friend Hope sang at a local event called Reno Idol (a take-off of American Idol). She did GREAT! However, the judges had to have been paid off or something cuz she didn't win and the two women that tied for first couldn't sing...Anyway... The event was at the Sparks Marina. For those of you who don't know what the marina is, let me just fill you in. We used to have thus HUGE pit in Sparks where mining had occurred. It was right off the freeway and was a large eyesore. Then, about 12 years ago, we had a ginormous flood that overflowed the river on the other side of the freeway across from the pit. Suffice it to say, the pit was completely filled in with nasty water. So, the lovely people of Sparks decided that instead of draining the pit with it's nasty water, they would "purify" the water and create this new, stylish marina where children can frolic in the water, and people can enjoy their time outside. Needless to say, I would NEVER let my children in that water! When we were at the event on Friday, we passed by it and it looked GROSS. Murky, dirty, and with who knows how many unidentifiable floaty things in it. So instead of lounging around the "beach" with countless people who should never have left their house in the clothes they were wearing, we took the girls for a drive. We looked at houses in Sparks (just in case we were ever able to sell our current house) and even walked through a couple of model homes. We then went to the part of Sparks where they generally set of the fireworks. There were many bounce houses for the kiddos, but one look at their faces and we could tell that they were done for the day. So, we bid Sparks farewell, and went home. No sparklers, no fireworks... Just an early bedtime for the kiddos, and a nice, quiet movie (which Yeadon fell asleep during!) for Mama and Daddy!

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