Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fun Times!

Kayden Grace and I have been in Colorado visiting my friend Nikki and her family. We have had a blast so far! We arrived last Friday and spent the day getting adjusted. Kayden kept asking for Daddy and sister... I kept telling her that Daddy and sister were at home and we would see them in a couple of days. She seemed to be O.K. with that and proceeded to have fun with Nikki's eldest daughter, Natalie. On Saturday, we drove to Nikki's brother-in-law's home for a birthday party for Jilli, Nikki's niece. The girls had so much fun! There were balloons and sparkley jewelry to wear... the fun never stopped! Kayden has been talking more and using more words (which was one of my goals for the trip!) and has been doing an overall good job with playing with Natalie (who is a little over 3 years old).

This is Natalie, Nikki's eldest daughter. She confiscated all the jewelry that the other girls didn't want to wear... She was so cute with all the rings on her fingers!
This is Layla, Nikki's youngest daughter. She is such a sweet girl! She had so much fun playing and trying things on at the party. She reminds me a lot of Kaelin (who I miss terribly!!) and I've enjoyed being around her. This is the first time I've met Layla and I've been having a great time getting to know her. I met Natalie when she was three months old, so she's definitely grown up since the last time I was here. She is so creative and it's been fun seeing how her mind works...

Kayden had so much fun playing with the balloons! She would chase them around the room and throw them in the air. She belly-laughed whenever she could catch them. It's been fun sharing this time with her and seeing her be a little girl around other little girls her age.

I forgot to mention our plane ride to CO... We were able to get a whole row of seats to ourselves and Kayden did great. The only hiccup we had was somehow Kayden peed through her diaper and I didn't have an extra set of clothes with me, so I had to hold her pants up to the air vents that are above the seats... Surprisingly, it worked! They dried and we were set to get off the plane. She did well on the take-off and landing and was excited to walk through the airport. She is definitely a people watcher. She couldn't take her eyes off of all the people walking in the airport.

On a side note: I have to say that sleeping with her is a challenge, though. She is a mover in her sleep and likes to sleep right next to me. Oh well. We're bonding so I don't really care that I'm not sleeping well!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Night and Day

My girls have few similarities... Kayden Grace is fair skinned, fair haired, with strikingly blue eyes. Kaelin has olive skin, dark hair, and bluish-brown eyes. Their personalities are different too. Kayden is a helper: she loves to throw things in the garbage, put dirty clothes in the laundry basket, and pick up toys at Sunday school (but not at home!). Kaelin loves getting into things: the plants, the toys, the toilet paper. Kayden will snuggle for a couple of seconds, maybe a minute or two at the most, while Kaelin likes to be held and loved on. It's amazing to watch the two of them. Kayden has a difficult time playing by herself while Kaelin will sit by herself and find entertainment in the smallest thing. Kayden does not like to rough-house; Kaelin belly laughs when she gets tossed. Kayden LOVES to dress in dresses; Kaelin, doesn't care what she's wearing and would probably prefer to be in the nude! I love my girls! I love to see how they interact with one another. Kayden Grace is very protective of Kaelin. She does not like to go anywhere without Kaelin and if she hears Kaelin crying in her crib, she wants to go get her. I don't know what the future holds for my girls, but I can tell you this: I have a feeling they will do it all together, each with their own uniqueness, and they will enjoy their time together.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Doing Big Girl Things...

Kayden Grace LOVES shoes! We think this must have been one of her first words because she loves wearing them, playing with them, looking at them... She loves to go in my closet and organize my shoes. She also loves to wear my shoes... It's funny!

I also started potty training Kayden, but I had to put that adventure aside while other things took priority. However... something must have stuck because she was taking her teddy to go poopy on the potty... Kids are so cool!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Baby's Growing Up!

I can't believe that Kaelin is almost 1!! I can still remember the day I held her for the first time. She seemed so little and helpless... Now, she's almost walking, has two teeth, and a fiery determination when she wants something. I don't know how God designs these things, but I am so in love with this kid! There are times when I look at her and I just want to cry because of the depth of my love for her. I would never have believed that my life could be so richly blessed.

I know this is sideways, sorry. I can't seem to figure out how to turn it. Anyway, this is Kaelin walking under our dining room table amongst all the chairs.

This is Kaelin using Kayden Grace's Pooh car as a walker. Can you see how frustrated she gets when things don't go her way??

Monday, April 21, 2008

I know... I KNOW!!!

Where have I been, you may be asking yourselves... Well, living life, to be honest. Since Easter, life has changed for us. The new discipline techniques are working (Thank you, Jesus!), we're finally all well (Thank you, Lord!), and Yeadon is well on his way to becoming a Police Officer... (Uh, Lord?!?) Just kidding. We are all very excited that this is happening. He needs to be doing something where he feels needed and used and this opportunity literally came out of the blue. After doing the physical test for the Sparks Police Department and passing with flying colors, Yeadon took the written and scored well, but not well enough. So, we thought that was that. Not so! About a month ago he received a call from the SPD asking him for an interview and since then everything has been going along at mach speed. He's pretty much been told he will be getting a letter or call offering him a job in the next few weeks. WOW! We know that life will be even harder while he is in the Police Academy, but if this is the path the Lord wants us to take, so be it, and He will give us the tools we need to make it work. I've also been preparing for my trip to Colorado!!! YAY!!! I turned 30 this year... yes, I know... over the hill, right?? I don't feel old so that must be good, right? And I asked Yeadon for money to go to CO. Well, when we found out about our tax return, I was finally able to book my flight. Kayden Grace and I will be leaving this Friday at 6:00am and will be gone for 10 days. I know.. Seems like a long time, right? Well, after a fabulous conversation with my friend Dayna (who is also an adoptive mom) she made many insightful comments about why we may be having the difficulties with Kayden Grace that we have been experiencing. I was planning on taking Kaelin so Kayden Grace and Yeadon could bond, but after praying over what Dayna said, I believe this trip is going to be great for us. I think it will bond Kayden and I and show her that leaving and coming back is not a bad thing. I think it will also show her that I am Mama and I won't leave her. So, I will try to post while I'm gone and try to post every day before I leave so you all can get filled up with pictures of my kiddos and our life! Thanks for the patience, prayers, and love!