Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas blessings!

We have been so blessed this past year, and Christmas was no exception! Our families really outdid themselves on the gift-giving this year. Of the great gifts we got, none compared to the gift we received the day after Christmas. I was getting Kaelin dressed, when my phone rang. It was Leann, the foster mom of the birth mom of Kaelin. I figured she was just calling to wish us a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Not so... Instead she called to tell us that the birth mom was "done being a mom" and had decided to give up Kaelin's sister for adoption. Yeadon and I were speechless! Could God really be giving us TWO children in a year after so many years of wishing for and wanting a child? Apparently so... It looks like we will be getting Kayden (yes, that's right. Her name is that similar to her sister's!) sometime this week. We were told it would be today the 31st and if that's the case, well, here goes the newest adventure of the Sturtevant family. Please, lift us up in your prayers as we begin this newest journey. Now... I know you all want to see Christmas pix of my beautiful baby... So, I won't disappoint!

This was taken at Jeremey and Stacia's. We went there before Christmas to celebrate with Yeadon's side of the family. Yeadon's dad and step-mom got Kaelin this rocking duck... It's soooo cute! Funny thing is.. when Kayden came over for a visit, she loved it too!

For those of you who don't know my dad, this is him! He absolutely adores Kaelin and she him. I'm so grateful that God brought us our daughter; I never thought that children could bring so much joy to everyone's lives!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Rollie Pollie

Yesterday, Kaelin discovered how amazing it is to roll from her back to her tummy and back again. As you can see in the videos, she gets SO excited and kicks her feet back and forth. Yeadon and I were cheering her on and clapping for her everytime she did her new "trick". She would get a huge smile on her face and do it again and again and again. I went to bed early so Yeadon was up with her until bedtime and apparently Kaelin rolled and knocked her head a couple of times on the chair... She learned that she didn't care for the chair even after she had such a great time chatting with it!

Monday, December 17, 2007

For Sale...

Here are two purses that I made for a salesperson that Yeadon works with for his job. The charcoal one is made out of gray and black corduroy and has a red with white check lining. There is a buckle-closed pocket on the front, a zipper inclosure, and an adjustable buckle handle. The peach floral one is made out of cotton and has a green lining. There are two magnetic snap pockets on the front of the purse, a pocket on the inside, as well as a zipper inclosure. I promised I would start posting my "creations" on my blog (for Nikki!), so here's my first batch! If anyone wants a purse or a bag... just let me know!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sweet Baby Face

Kaelin is such a sweet baby! We had a rough go at it for a few months, but she is just so fabulous that the hardships seem distant now. Yeadon took this picture right before I was about to feed Kaelin her morning fruits... I usually give her a spoon to play with or she especially loves her maraca that she shakes and shakes. I thank the Lord every day for this amazing gift He gave us in our daughter!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where's Kaelin??

I put Kaelin down on her activity mat the other day, and I went to take a shower, or something like that. When I came back into the living room, I heard her, but I couldn't see her from where I was standing behind the couch. As I moved around the corner of the couch, there she was... UNDER THE CHAIR! She is such a squirmy-wormy that she scooted herself off her mat till she was under the chair. She was having a blast... talking to the bottom of the chair and just chatting away. I called Yeadon into the room and asked him to find his daughter... when he did, he just laughed. Silly girl!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Daddy's Snowman

"Jenn, get up!!"
"I don't want to get up!"
"Yes, you do!!"
This was the conversation at 6:45am this morning. Yeadon had been the one to get up with Kaelin when she woke up early for her bottle and I was blissfully trying to get some extra sleep... Until Yeadon called to me to get up. As I looked out the window in our bedroom, the inconvenience of getting up quickly evaporated. It snowed!! I love the snow (have I already mentioned that?!?). Yeadon told me to get Kaelin up and get shoes on... My wonderfully clever husband made a snowman after feeding Kaelin her bottle. What a guy! He was so proud of himself and he couldn't wait to share it with Kaelin (and me..) As you can tell, I'm still in my P.J.'s and so is Kaelin... but at least I got a hat on her!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

First ornament on the tree!

Yeadon and I decided to buy an artificial tree this year... I know, I know. Before anyone gives me any grief, let me explain why we went the artificial route. Every year it's a fight to get Yeadon to go pick out a tree, trim it down to fit in the house, set it up, and decorate it. It got to the point where getting in the Christmas spirit just wasn't any fun. Plus, the first week of having a real tree, Yeadon is allergic to it and he sneezes which just torques him off even more. On top of that... We live in a VERY dry state, so our trees always dry out quickly which means more mess to clean up. So, I relented and said that as long as the tree looked as real as it could, I'd be O.K. with an artificial one. And this one does! It's beautiful! While we were out looking for our tree, we found Kaelin's first Christmas ornament. It's a little stuffed duck and sooooo cute. She is fascinated when we turn the Christmas tree lights on, which I do frequently, and she loves to just look at the tree. When Yeadon got home from work one day he decided to help Kaelin with her ornament... It's one of those memories I'll cherish. Daddy and baby together during my favorite season of the year... LOVE IT!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Beautiful Snow

We had our first real snowfall yesterday. It was fabulous! I absolutely love winter and I am probably one of the few people in the world who loves it when it snows. If it snowed 365 days a year, I would be fine with it! Someone gave me this outfit for Kaelin and I thought it was appropriate for her first experience of snow. As you can see, she really like the fur around the collar... she was always trying to eat it!