Friday, July 31, 2009

Riding the Rails

Yeadon and I took the girls up the road to Virginia City a few weeks ago. Virginia City is our local piece of history. It was originally the capital of Nevada during the gold rush years. It is now a quaint little town, resplendent with one of the oldest schools still standing in the US and the "Bucket of Blood Saloon." Fun stuff, fun stuff! Anyway, we decided to ride the steam train on it's 30 minute tour of Virginia City. The girls had fun and so did Mama and Daddy. We just found out that the train will now run from Virginia City to Carson City... Won't that be a fun day trip for the fam??

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Loves

God has so richly blessed my life and I just had to share some picts of my loves...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Changes are Coming...

This is a month of changes for our family. I can just feel it! I had to get another epidural last week and I'm just praying that this one lasts forever. If not, one a year isn't too bad, right? Yeadon had Lasik done last week, too. The running joke between us is "Hey, you can see now, huh?" to which Yeadon replies, "I can see! I can see!" Mind you, he always wore glasses or contacts, but without either he was truly vision impaired. And lastly, I will be having a surgery at the end of the month that will hopefully change my life forever. It's pretty personal for details on the web, and if I haven't already explained it to you, well, give me a call and then I'll give you the details. But suffice it to say... Our God is big and His plans for our lives are always amazing.

As for the new do... Well, I got my hair cut a few weeks ago and I just wasn't pleased with the way it was growing out. So, I made an impulse call to my stylist and this is what came of the visit. I LOVE it! So much fun and I feel sexy.... Hey, a mom of a three year old and a two year needs to get her perks somewhere, right??

Sunday, July 12, 2009

She's only two, but....

Sometimes I wonder about God's sense of humor. Kaelin turned two last month (pictures coming.) How is it that my sweet little girl has turned into a terror? I love her, I really do, but GOODNIGHT! She was energetic, yes. Smart, no doubt. Headstrong, I'll give you that. But... A total transformation has come over this child and I don't know what to do. Example: Yeadon and I were going to go out to eat the other night to a new restaurant. We had to LEAVE the establishment because of embarassament over our child! She was literally climbing on EVERYTHING! ::Sigh:: Such is life with a two year old AND a three year old... This too shall pass, yes??

On to happier things... Belated 2nd birthday pictures!

Since we were unable to give Kaelin a birthday party last year due to my back, we kinda splurged this year. We went to pizza at our favorite pizza place and I got Kaelin a very fancy birthday cake from a VERY yummy bakery. We had friends and family join us, and it was a delightful time.

Yeadon made Kaelin this birthday hat. He felt that since I made Kayden a birthday crown, he needed to make Kaelin something. I think it is just fabulous.

We also decided to convert Kaelin's crib into a "big girl" bed. She loved climbing in it and playing in it; however, the sleeping part didn't come so easily. We still have to lay with her until she gets close to falling asleep. The first few nights she would play in the girls' room until she crashed somewhere on the floor. One night I found her curled up in the corner of the room with her blanket and pillow, and she was sleeping on the feet of the rocking chair. My poor girl. We're getting there, we're getting there...