Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Belated Birthday

So... As you have all seen, I have not posted anything for Kaelin's 1st birthday. Sad, I know. We were able to go out on the actual day of her birthday, but we were unable to have a birthday party for her due to my back. I was crushed. I cried and said that I would be able to do it, but Yeadon (in all his husbandly wisdom), vetoed the idea and had me stay in bed the whole day. Hindsight: I would NEVER have been able to make it through the day! So here are some pictures of our little adventure to the pizza parlor and later to the mall where riding trains and merry-go-rounds was the highlight of my one-year old's birthday!

We decided on pizza for Kaelin's first "official" taste of non-baby food. It was so much fun watching her face as she tried out the textures of the food. On a side note: This is the restaurant where Yeadon and I had our first date. Kinda cool that we were able to take our baby to the restaurant where we first got to know one another.

75 cents for a ride on a big, metal train, plane, or automobile. Crazy!!! I couldn't believe the price, but it was worth the money just to see the girls having SO much fun!

And of course, what's a 1 year olds birthday without her first taste of ice cream? We went to Dairy Queen in the food court at the mall and let me tell you... everyone around us was entertained by the antics of the kiddos. Both girls enjoyed their ice cream... until we had to put a stop to it because they were going to make themselves sick!

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Pamela said...

Thanks for the pictures Jenn. They look like happy girls.
Aunt Pam