Thursday, May 29, 2008

What I've been doing

Goodness!! Since Kayden and I have gotten back from Colorado life has been non-stop GO!!! Homestudies, birthdays, sicknesses, dinner guests, catching up with friends who have been neglected by my busy schedule... Anything we can have happen or do has happened or been done! Not that I'm complaining, mind you... I'm just saying a little break in the action would be great. However, I don't see that happening ANY time soon! Such is life, right? So, to make life a bit more grounded for myself, I've been crafting away in my free time (HA HA... free time?) I've made bags to sell, purses and bags for gifts, I've started a new quilt, and made Kaelin a birthday outfit for her 1 year birthday party coming up. I also bought this stool and re-covered the seat... LOVE IT!!!

Nikki has a chair like this for Natalie and while we were visiting, I noticed Kayden eyeing the stool with interest. So I decided that when we got home I would look for one. I was so confident that I would find a chair that I liked that I bought the oilcloth in CO with the intent of re-covering the seat. Kayden, Yeadon's mom, and I spent an afternoon cruising a lot of the local antique stores and couldn't find a single stool! We finally went to one store and they had two! Thank goodness for us cuz I don't know if I would keep looking. Anyway, I liked the other stool a bit better (it had a padded back) but the construction of it was shoddy. So... I purchased this one and took it home! After re-covering the seat, it has become a new favorite in my kitchen. Kayden loves to sit on it and feed her baby dolls while they're sitting in Kaelin's high chair and Kaelin likes to push it around like it's some sort of walker! My kids are creative, I'll give them that!

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Nikki Schreiner said...

LOVE it. It turned out great! I'm glad ya found one :)