Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kayden Grace

Well... Can I just say the last week of our lives has literally been a rollercoaster?? I can't even begin to describe the round of emotions and thoughts that have entered my body and head. Yeadon and I have wanted children our whole marriage (and even before that!) and to go through 7 1/2 years of infertility was just horrific. For those of you who have known us for a while, you know that I was not the most pleasant of people during those years. God finally broke through my pride and allowed me to realize that I had been given such a gift in my marriage and in my life that I was O.K. even if I didn't have children. Then.. He asked me to stop even thinking of or pursuing adoption. How could He ask that?!?! Because He is God, and I am not. He knew His perfect, amazing plan long before I had my own plan for my life. He gave us Kaelin, and I couldn't believe how much He loved me. And then... here comes the most unexpected thing... Another child within 7 months of getting my first! How much does He adore me and want the best for my life?? I love this life! Yes... I have already had an emotional break-down or two... Yes, I know that one of my many faults is my inability to handle change well, especially quick changes. Yes, I know that I am not SUPERMOM and I cannot do this all on my own... Yes, I even realize the fact that my expectations need to be thrown out the window and all my plans and ideas of the perfect mom and prestine motherhood should be erased from my memory. But I also know without a doubt that I am LOVED! I am loved by Almighty God who has given me this life and these new adventures, I am loved by an amazing family, and I have the most fabulous friends who, in spite of all my failures and faults, still love me and want to be the support I need in this time of my life. Thank you! Thank you all for who you have allowed God to mold you into being! Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts and talents with me because whether I have said so or not, you inspire me! All of you can be assured that I will be calling, emailing, texting a lot! Because I need you and I can't do this alone and you are the people God has loaned to me for this time in my life. So, get prepared! Put on your prayer hats, make your shoulders nice and comfy (for my breakdowns and my joys), and open up your arms because Kayden Grace has made her appearance into our lives and you will never be the same having met her!


Anonymous said...

Praise be God for the gifts you have received. Now He who loved you first calls forth all you love--and we are behind and at your side. She is beautiful. Many prayers and much love, Aunt Pam

Dad said...

It looks like you just pinched her cheeks. You have a lovely daughter and I have 2 lovely grand daughters.

hope said...