Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas blessings!

We have been so blessed this past year, and Christmas was no exception! Our families really outdid themselves on the gift-giving this year. Of the great gifts we got, none compared to the gift we received the day after Christmas. I was getting Kaelin dressed, when my phone rang. It was Leann, the foster mom of the birth mom of Kaelin. I figured she was just calling to wish us a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Not so... Instead she called to tell us that the birth mom was "done being a mom" and had decided to give up Kaelin's sister for adoption. Yeadon and I were speechless! Could God really be giving us TWO children in a year after so many years of wishing for and wanting a child? Apparently so... It looks like we will be getting Kayden (yes, that's right. Her name is that similar to her sister's!) sometime this week. We were told it would be today the 31st and if that's the case, well, here goes the newest adventure of the Sturtevant family. Please, lift us up in your prayers as we begin this newest journey. Now... I know you all want to see Christmas pix of my beautiful baby... So, I won't disappoint!

This was taken at Jeremey and Stacia's. We went there before Christmas to celebrate with Yeadon's side of the family. Yeadon's dad and step-mom got Kaelin this rocking duck... It's soooo cute! Funny thing is.. when Kayden came over for a visit, she loved it too!

For those of you who don't know my dad, this is him! He absolutely adores Kaelin and she him. I'm so grateful that God brought us our daughter; I never thought that children could bring so much joy to everyone's lives!

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hope said...

she just gets cuter everyday! i cant wait to meet kayden! i will be an auntie twice over...yessss!