Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sweet Girl... Sometimes!

So... Having a toddler is HARD!! Just thought I'd share that with all you experienced, know-it-all people out there who think kids are easy... Like I used to think! I love my daughter, I do... However, there are times when I think, "Lord, really?? You wanted this change right now in our lives?" Then I remember, He is God, I am not and I move on with my day and love my daughter no matter what. One of my favorite times with Kayden Grace is when she lets me do her hair after a bath. It's one of the rare moments that she sits still (almost!) long enough for me to enjoy just being with her. Today, I was going to put her hair in pigtails cuz she looks sooooo cute with them! But.. I ended up putting her hair in "panda ears" (a ponytail only pulled half way through the rubber band). She is so stinkin' cute!!! I have my moments, I'll be honest, when I want to throttle her for doing something over and over again that she shouldn't do. Then I have moments of pure love for her and who she is. I pray on a daily basis that I can be the mom she needs and love her they way she deserves. So here are some pics of my cutie girl.


Nikki Schreiner said...

Oh, so cute. We call them monkey ears around here. I made that up, I didn't know there was already a name for it :)

Anonymous said...

So cute is right...but also so trying! You will grow strong through all of trials and challenges of motherhood! Thanks for sharing. I love the hair.