Monday, January 14, 2008

Baking with Mama

So... I got this great idea to make chocolate chip cookies tonight. Dinner was done, the girls were happy... Why would I want to make a mess and disturb this nice evening? Because I'm Jenn and that's what I do! (Here's a side note: We've put up baby gates in the house just so I don't have to worry where Kayden Grace may be.. and one of them just happens to be across the entrance to the kitchen. It's a safety thing for me. I just don't want Kayden Grace out of my sight in an area she's still not completely familiar with...) Well... Yeadon came into the kitchen, asked what I was doing, and was incredulous that I wasn't including my daughter in my cookie making adventure. So, me being the Mom I am, I set up a chair at the island and let my daughter "help" me. In the midst of her helping me, I was talking to Yeadon's mom on the phone and Kayden Grace takes a HUGE tumble off her chair!!! So much for a "nice, calm evening"! I picked her up and we finished the cookies side by side. It really was a pretty cool thing to do even if there were some tears in the process.

This is a totally random picture, but it's one of my favorites that Yeadon took of Kaelin on Christmas morning. She blesses my heart with her smile!


Anonymous said...

I love it...did Kayden Grace enjoy eating the cookies as much as she did making them? She looks so happy and it makes me smile everytime I get to see those beautiful girls.
God Bless
LeeAnn a.k.a.YahYah

hope said...

omigosh, jen. they're so stinkin cute. cookies with momma...jen - youre a momma! :) aww.