Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Life is always throwing changes at us... Whether it be life or death, good weather or bad weather, or just something as insignificant as a flower growing somewhere unexpected, changes occur even if we aren't always ready for them. Our home as undergone MANY new things in the last 7 months and I haven't always felt prepared. We've been blessed with two amazing daughters, Yeadon's gone from working one job to working two jobs and going to Seminary, I've become a stay-at-home mom and a licensed Social Worker... All changes that have required us to change as well. In order for me to accept change and not be overwhelmed when changes occur, I've decided to try to change something or create something new so I can feel like I have a little control over what happens. Today, I re-covered our nook chairs with this GREAT red courderoy that I've had for a few years. It felt like such an accomplishment! The girls played well by themselves and I took about a half an hour to just... change something. If I am in charge of a small change, then maybe the big changes won't seem so huge in the future. I've also had to move my house around in anticipation of Yeadon's mom moving in. Our computer desk is now in our room and all my sewing stuff is in the living room/dining room. My scrapbooking extravaganza will be moved to the garage in small storage containers so I can still get to it all. Suffice it to say... I hope that once the changes of this month are done, we can breathe a little easier for a while. So... In light of my new outlook on change, I thought I'd show you a before and after picture of my nook chairs and also a picture of our living room last night when I was moving all my fabric around...

Yes... That is Kaelin in her saucer in the middle of my chaos! And she doesn't look too happy with her circumstances either...

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