Monday, January 21, 2008

Church Girls

Well... Can I say getting two babies and myself ready for church is a lot more difficult than you think?? Yeadon had to stay home to finish some school work (for those of you that don't know, Yead's gone back to seminary, but this time it's all online which is great!) and I wanted to go to church. So, I gave the girl's baths, got them dressed, fed them breakfast, laid Kaelin down for a quick nap, did Kayden Grace's hair, and got myself ready. Right before leaving, I wanted Yeadon to get a few pictures of my girls and me, all dressed up and pretty for church. Of course... Nothing went quite the right way for the picture... Kaelin was squirmy and Kayden Grace decided she wanted to bite me... Not so much fun! But after a few mishaps, we got this somewhat decent picture of all of us. Kayden Grace is wearing a dress that's a favorite of her Grandma Leann's and Kaelin is wearing an outfit her Nana got her for Christmas.


LeeAnn a.k.a. YahYah said...

I can totally appreciate your challenge of trying to get all of you ready for church but you did a great job and I know God appreciated your determination and efforts. I so enjoy the pics. Kayden Grace, Kailin and you all look awesome. Thanks for keeping the pictures coming. It always brightens my day. Looking forward to seeing you all soon...we need to set a date!

Anonymous said...

Such a miracle to see you there with TWO daughters...WOW is the Lord good or what! Fun to watch you through your blog...God bless you guys!

Love, Dayna