Friday, May 2, 2008

Mow!! Mow!!

"Mow!!, Mow!!"... That's what Kayden calls snow. Yes, that's right.. it snowed yesterday. It was beautiful! Colorado has weather just like Reno. Who woulda thunk it, right? Anyway, we had fun looking at the mow and Kayden couldn't stop talking about it.
We decided to go to a really nice mall close to downtown Denver so the kids could get out of the house. This is the play place inside the mall... Yep, that is a big waffle!! The whole play area had structures fashioned after breakfast foods. It was fun! There were kids swarming everywhere, so Kayden was a bit overwhelmed in the beginning. She didn't venture more than a few steps from Nikki and I. However, as she watched Natalie and Layla travel around the play area, she became more adventurous and started enjoying herself.

All tuckered out was the best way to describe the kiddos on the way home from the play place. It got quiet all of a sudden and when Nikki and I looked back at the kids, this is what we saw. All three were wiped out and sleeping with their heads turned the same way. Suffice it to say... we've had a great time on vacation!

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