Friday, March 21, 2008

It's all about Kayden Grace

Sorry it's taken so long to post anything. We just haven't done anything, not many pictures have been taken, and life has just kinda been pittering along. Not that I'm complaining, mind you! We started potty training Kayden Grace this week... let's just say... I don't have the patience of Job! I'm already done with it. I figure, if she stays in diapers until she's 80, what's the harm?? Just kidding.. sort of... Anyway... We're gearing up for Easter this weekend, which is going to be pretty cool. I didn't realize how much I've wanted children with whom to celebrate the holidays! We are going to dye Easter eggs tomorrow and then we'll have an egg hunt after church on Sunday (minus any mention of the Easter bunny!) We're not so keen on giving our kids candy or toys that they really won't play with after an hour, so we're just doing the egg hunt and we got Kayden some bubbles. We're having a big family dinner which will be fun and well, we're just going to enjoy being together and having the blessings of our girls. Isn't God amazing?? Who would have thought that after almost 9 years of infertility we would have two amazing children in less than a year? And, siblings at that! What a great way to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord! In remembrance of all He did for us so long ago and what He continues to do for us on a daily basis.

Can you tell that Kayden doesn't like getting her picture taken? She is constantly on the move and won't sit still for anything. The jean dress pictures were taken before church a couple of weekends ago... did you see the look she gave Yeadon because he was asking her to sit down for a minute so he could take her picture. She was not a happy camper! In spite of her two-year old dislike of anything calm, she is still a cutie patootie!

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