Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dying Eggs

Can I just say that dying Easter eggs was definitely an adventure?? We had a VERY long day on Saturday looking for Easter dresses and the girls did amazingly well. Suffice it to say after running to the grocery store twice for food for Easter Sunday, it was after 8:00pm when I got home to help with the eggs, which is a half an hour after Kayden Grace's bedtime. Kaelin is teething (AGAIN!!) so she was cranky and fussy and Kayden Grace was just ready for bed. Oh well. You learn, right? We'll get the timing down one of these days and life will be grand. So here's to a valiant effort and a learning experience. Enjoy! (And yes, I do know that my kids look like raggamuffins, but hey! They're dying eggs for crying out loud! Hee hee hee)

Kaelin would have much rather dumped the entire contents of the coloring cups all over herself and the table, but luckily we were always one step ahead of her!

Not a very happy camper, was she? Oh, well! Life goes on even in the midst of a breakdown.

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