Thursday, December 6, 2007

First ornament on the tree!

Yeadon and I decided to buy an artificial tree this year... I know, I know. Before anyone gives me any grief, let me explain why we went the artificial route. Every year it's a fight to get Yeadon to go pick out a tree, trim it down to fit in the house, set it up, and decorate it. It got to the point where getting in the Christmas spirit just wasn't any fun. Plus, the first week of having a real tree, Yeadon is allergic to it and he sneezes which just torques him off even more. On top of that... We live in a VERY dry state, so our trees always dry out quickly which means more mess to clean up. So, I relented and said that as long as the tree looked as real as it could, I'd be O.K. with an artificial one. And this one does! It's beautiful! While we were out looking for our tree, we found Kaelin's first Christmas ornament. It's a little stuffed duck and sooooo cute. She is fascinated when we turn the Christmas tree lights on, which I do frequently, and she loves to just look at the tree. When Yeadon got home from work one day he decided to help Kaelin with her ornament... It's one of those memories I'll cherish. Daddy and baby together during my favorite season of the year... LOVE IT!

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