Friday, December 7, 2007

Daddy's Snowman

"Jenn, get up!!"
"I don't want to get up!"
"Yes, you do!!"
This was the conversation at 6:45am this morning. Yeadon had been the one to get up with Kaelin when she woke up early for her bottle and I was blissfully trying to get some extra sleep... Until Yeadon called to me to get up. As I looked out the window in our bedroom, the inconvenience of getting up quickly evaporated. It snowed!! I love the snow (have I already mentioned that?!?). Yeadon told me to get Kaelin up and get shoes on... My wonderfully clever husband made a snowman after feeding Kaelin her bottle. What a guy! He was so proud of himself and he couldn't wait to share it with Kaelin (and me..) As you can tell, I'm still in my P.J.'s and so is Kaelin... but at least I got a hat on her!

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