Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh, Yes, I did!

Can you believe how big my little girl is getting?? I was able to put her hair in french braids the other day... She looked like a big girl! We had some, um, well 2-year old moments trying to get her to sit still... But it was worth it! I'm growing her bangs out, cuz I just don't do bangs and I was getting a little tired of the same ol' hairdos... So I tried the braids and was thrilled.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,

She gets cuter and cuter everytime I see a picture of her. I just see those cheeks and want to give them a kiss. You are doing an amazing job. I can't believe that you were able to do the braid thing on a two year old. But then again mine were bald forever. Keep up the great mothering. The proof of your love is evident in her smiles.