Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bike Ridin' Beauties

So we decided to get Kayden a bike. Yep, that's right. However... I tried her on a "big girl" bike, the ones with training wheels and all the bells and whistles... It just didn't work for her. So, I got her this mock-BigWheels type bike.. She LOVES it! Her feet can't quite make it to the pedals, but she doesn't mind. She just pushes herself around and goes "off roading" in the dirt of our backyard. I thought about getting Kaelin a bike as well, but we have this Pooh car that was Kayden's so we just took it outside and let her at it. She loved it, too. It was fun watching them experience something new.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,
I didn't have a chance to leave you a message where the girls are playing in the sand but I loved the pictures and am glad that it has offered you and them a new way to play. It is true that dirt and sand do wash off. It was a tough concept for me many years ago too. Loving the new adventures of bike riding. They are so darn cute. It is so cool for me to see them playing together! I can't imagine them not being together and am so happy I don't have to. Sending you all hugs and kisses. Talk to you soon.
Love & Blessings,