Monday, August 11, 2008

First Pool Day!

My Dad and Grandparents live in an apartment complex that has a couple of pools. So we decided to load the girls up with some floating devices and see how they liked swimming in a pool. It was a blast! Both girls were fearless of the water. I got Kayden a suit that you insert floaties into the sides and she just walked right in to the water with Daddy when we got there. Kaelin had a large floatie that she loved and she was content just floating around by herself. It was pretty cold, so after a while Kayden decided she was done and she got out and splashed us from the steps. Kaelin, on the other hand, couldn't seem to get enough of the water. Daddy was a swimmer in high school, so he tried swimming with both girls. Kayden did pretty well going under the water, but was done when it got too cold and she got water up her nose. Kaelin loved swimming with Daddy. She just took off! She also tried her hand at jumping from the pool steps to Daddy. My Dad took pictures while my Grandma sat in the shade watching our little family have our first swim day! It was a day we'll cherish, let's for sure.

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