Monday, April 21, 2008

I know... I KNOW!!!

Where have I been, you may be asking yourselves... Well, living life, to be honest. Since Easter, life has changed for us. The new discipline techniques are working (Thank you, Jesus!), we're finally all well (Thank you, Lord!), and Yeadon is well on his way to becoming a Police Officer... (Uh, Lord?!?) Just kidding. We are all very excited that this is happening. He needs to be doing something where he feels needed and used and this opportunity literally came out of the blue. After doing the physical test for the Sparks Police Department and passing with flying colors, Yeadon took the written and scored well, but not well enough. So, we thought that was that. Not so! About a month ago he received a call from the SPD asking him for an interview and since then everything has been going along at mach speed. He's pretty much been told he will be getting a letter or call offering him a job in the next few weeks. WOW! We know that life will be even harder while he is in the Police Academy, but if this is the path the Lord wants us to take, so be it, and He will give us the tools we need to make it work. I've also been preparing for my trip to Colorado!!! YAY!!! I turned 30 this year... yes, I know... over the hill, right?? I don't feel old so that must be good, right? And I asked Yeadon for money to go to CO. Well, when we found out about our tax return, I was finally able to book my flight. Kayden Grace and I will be leaving this Friday at 6:00am and will be gone for 10 days. I know.. Seems like a long time, right? Well, after a fabulous conversation with my friend Dayna (who is also an adoptive mom) she made many insightful comments about why we may be having the difficulties with Kayden Grace that we have been experiencing. I was planning on taking Kaelin so Kayden Grace and Yeadon could bond, but after praying over what Dayna said, I believe this trip is going to be great for us. I think it will bond Kayden and I and show her that leaving and coming back is not a bad thing. I think it will also show her that I am Mama and I won't leave her. So, I will try to post while I'm gone and try to post every day before I leave so you all can get filled up with pictures of my kiddos and our life! Thanks for the patience, prayers, and love!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,

It was really good to see the girls and read about all the news. I am excited for your trip with Kayden Grace. It think that you and her will have a fantabulous time. I know how much you have been looking forward to spending time with Nicki. I know that God will pour out His love and blessings on you and your decision. Tell Yeadon that we are continuing to keep him and his path to his new career in our prayers. We sure miss you and the girls and are looking forward to a time when we can see you all again. In the mean time thank you for the posting and the pictures. They mean so much.

Love & Blessings,

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