Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vacation time

We were so lucky to be able to take almost two weeks of vacation in March. Kayden was off of school for the month of March and Yeadon was able to take vaction time at the same time... sooooo, we headed over to visit our friends the Schreiners. I was optimistic about the 15 hour drive until it turned into an 18 hour drive.... Suffice it to say, I was very done with driving by the time we reached Aurora at 3 in the morning! The girls were pretty amazing, expect for the fact that Kaelin chose not to sleep for almost the whole car trip... Yead had also worked the night before so he was pretty tired and I did a lot more driving than I expected to! Overall, we had a fabulous time. We went to the botanic gardens, visited the aquarium, and just hung out with some pretty great friends. Yeadon was able to go skiing with Casey, and Nikki and I were able to sew together, which is something that I LOVE to do! Nikki's the one who taught me how to sew in the first place, so spending time with her in this way was such a joy for me. I would love to show you pictures of our vacation, but, alas, my husband downloaded them somewhere and I can't find them! If the picts show up, I will post them... But, I wouldn't count on it being any time soon. :)

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