Friday, May 22, 2009

Sacramento Zoo

We decided to take the girls to the Sacramento Zoo the day after Kayden's birthday. Yeadon's sister and her family couldn't make it up to Reno for the party, so they wanted to meet us at the zoo to celebrate with Kayden. Yeadon's dad came with us, so it was a pretty packed truck with me sitting in the backseat between the two carseats!!! Yeah... don't think I'll be doing that again anytime soon!

I know there aren't many pictures of the day... sorry! The animals weren't very cooperative, and neither were the girls! Such is life! We also went to a place right next door to the zoo called Fairytale Land... no pictures from there either! The girls were DONE by that point, so we called it a day. Overall, it was a good day spent with family... but, by the time we got home I was glad it was over!


Here's an upclose pic of Kayden's crown... Now I just get to make three more! One for each girl in our family who has a birthday coming up...

Here are the dollies that I made Kayden and the carrying case they go in... Yes... I did make the clothes too!

And here is our princess! She wore this dress to school this week... The first thing one of the little boys said when she walked in: "Wow! She looks just like a princess!" You can bet Kayden was on cloud nine after that!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Jenn again thanks for your heart and taking the time to give little glimpses of the girls and the joy in their lives. I can not believe how big they are getting. I am glad to hear that Kayden is having a positive experience at school. I agree with the little boy in her class - she is a living princess.
Love & Blessings,