Wednesday, January 13, 2010

and so it begins again...

Another year under our belts... Another birthday gone by... Life just doesn't slow down does it? We think that maybe this will be the year that we feel like we will accomplish all that we set out to do. I guess what's really important is that we do all that GOD sets out for us without whining and complaining along the way. If I've learned nothing else from the past year is that God's ways are not mine, and if I don't fight Him along the way, then the journey, whether good or bad, will somehow turn out ok. I've learned alot about myself, my hunny, and my kiddos this past year. I've learned things that work and things that I won't ever do again. I've learned that perfection only worked for Jesus and the rest of us can only hope to be the best we can be and we should accept our faults when they happen. I've come to the conclusion that sometimes our expectations about ourselves do not fit with God's expectations for us, and that makes for some deep soul searching to figure out what we need to do to come into alignement with the perfect will of a perfect God. The beginning of a new year brought some new resolutions... I'm not one to make New Year's resolutions, but this year feels different somehow... I feel I need to make some life changes in order to be prepared for whatever the Lord has planned...

So, here are my goals:

-Lose 30 pounds in a healthy manner

-Excercise with my husband on a daily basis

-Get in shape enough to run a half-marathon

-Cook through a cookbook with my hunny in order to eat healthy and spend time together

-Make quilts for the homeless

If any of these appeal to you, I would welcome the company on the journey. I feel that these are attainable goals and God inspired desires.

Just in case my thoughts and processes were not entertaining enough... Here's my girl, getting all grown up!

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AveryHome said...

Hey Jenn, thanks for reminding me to stop beating myself up for unmet expectations. It truly is God who meets all our expectations and he really does know best about what we need. I'm in the midst of the soul searching you mentioned, more this year than ever and that's good news! I'm also with you on losing weight and being more healthy with what I eat... the exercise too... but I truly dislike that part. I want to tell you about a book I just started called "Fit For My King" by Sheri Rose Shepherd. It's a devotional really, but it's about being fit for God and making choices about my body for God and not for me. Anyway, it starts with a 30 fast from flour and sugar and some other stuff, I'm on day 2! It's been good. I am a yo-yo dieter and I'm so done with it! For the first time I'm letting God take the lead in this area and I know turning back would be turning my back on Him, so I am not quiting! Check it out, let me know if you're interested. Love you!