Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stress Relief

One of the things I do for stress relief is sew. You all probably know that, but I thought I just reiterate the fact... I love to sew! I have only been sewing for about 6 years, but I can't imagine not doing it... It relaxes me, almost like reading a book. So, since the beginning of the year, I've tried to get some sewing done here and there. I made the skirt for Kayden, my pin cushion, and here are some other things...

This is my notetaker... I made 7 of these babies for Christmas gifts this year and I never got around to making myself one. I needed something to hold my work calendar and business cards, so I made myself this beauty. I love it! The colors and prints are SO me!

I have also been working on this quilt top for a YEAR! I finally finished the top yesterday and had to show you. It's great, huh?? The girls just HAD to sit on it before I could snap some more photos... Their so cute, aren't they?!?

1 comment:

Hope said...

i seriously can't believe how talented you are. i love my notetaker. it's sitting on my desk at work right now... it has everyday since you gave it to me. i put my "to do" list in it, and it's so chic and cute i'm obsessed with it!

your quilt is phenominal, and i seriously am obsessed with THAT, too!! good job, lub.