Thursday, November 20, 2008

Look what I did!!!

So, I'm a crafter (when I have the time!) and I decided when we moved into this house almost three years ago that I would have a craft room. I was so excited... I had my own iron for my sewing projects, a room to house all my goodies, my own work space... Life was good! Then Yeadon started starching clothes again for the Academy... there went my iron because his didn't get hot enough... and the ironing board! What a disaster! Let's just say it could stand on it's own because of the amount of starch in it. And the burn stains... We're not even going there... So, a couple of weekends ago, I decided Yeadon needed his own ironing board and I needed a new cover for the old ironing board. So, I found this tutorial and went for it. It took about an hour and I'm thrilled with the results.



The fabric for my new cover came from Nikki, the sewing guru in my life. We did a fabric swap and this was some that I got. Cool, huh?

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hope said...

whoaaaaa. look how good you are! how neat, luv!